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Archer had his 1 year birthday a couple of weeks ago. What better way to celebrate than with a photo shoot.

Easter Fundraiser

Warning! Cuteness overload ahead! Proceed with caution!

Last Saturday I joined Park Grove Pet Hospital in a fundraiser for a wonderful organization called Soldier’s 6. This is an organization that provides honorably discharged veterans, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, correctional officers, and 911 dispatchers with specially trained K-9’s.

And we can’t forget about Teddy, Park Grove’s resident cat.

Class of 2023: Jamie

Harriet Island, one of my favorite places to do photo sessions. It has a wide variety of backgrounds and my friend Liz lets me take clients on her steamboat, Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast, for a few photographs. You must check it out if you have never been

Jamie is a new client who found me on Google. We had a fantastic session and got some really great photographs. Enjoy!

Thank you for checking out my blog. I still have a few fall sessions left. Click here if you would like to book one.