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About Catherine Smith Photography

Hello there! My name is Catherine Smith. I am a portrait (both humans and animals) and wedding photographer located in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. I love to help capture those special moments in a natural setting. I work with natural light and the location is your choice. Photographs can also be done at my studio located in Cottage Grove or a combination of both. Thanks for taking the time to check out my website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or to set up an appointment.

Class of 2023 – Skylar

I have two goals for my photo sessions: get great photographs and have fun taking them. I wasn’t too worried about the first goal because I always overshoot. That way I know for sure that there will be some great photographs. I knew that I had accomplished the second goal when Skylar’s mom kept saying how much fun she had. I will say that this vibrant and beautiful, young lady made my job very easy. I ended up taking way too many photos which made it really difficult to choose the best ones. This is when overshooting gets me in trouble.

We ended up going to two different locations. Pine Tree Pond Park was our first location. I have a close connection with this park. My backyard leads right to it and I spent many of my teenage and adult years going to it. It is a beautiful park and has many great spots for backgrounds.

Our second location was at the Cottage Grove Ravine. This state park has lots of fun and interesting backgrounds so I was pretty excited when Skylar and her mom chose this place.

It’s always fun to see how the shot was taken so I love when my clients take pictures while I am shooting. Photo credit goes to Skylar’s mom, Jess.

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Class of 2023 – Samantha

My 2 biggest challenges for photo sessions are unknown territory and bright, sunny days. Sam’s session was on her parents property in River Falls, WI (a place I had never been) and it was a bright, sunny day. The property was beautiful and we had many options for backgrounds. Sam loves nature. She had me crawling deep into the woods but it was worth it for the photos we were able to get.

Sam also loves animals and I do too. I also love any excuse to incorporate an animal into a photo session. The dog and cat were planned but I don’t think her mom thought I would try and incorporate chickens too. I love chickens and just couldn’t resist. Are they not the cutest?

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Class of 2023: Jamie

Harriet Island, one of my favorite places to do photo sessions. It has a wide variety of backgrounds and my friend Liz lets me take clients on her steamboat, Covington Inn Bed and Breakfast, for a few photographs. You must check it out if you have never been

Jamie is a new client who found me on Google. We had a fantastic session and got some really great photographs. Enjoy!

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Fall Mini Sessions

I will be doing a Fall mini session on Saturday Oct 15th. It will be an outdoor session at the park/pond by my house. If you would like to set up a time just click on the “book now” button. It will bring you to my “contact me” page. Send me a message with a time frame that works for you and I will see what is available.

Vermillion Falls Park – Andrea and Jon

Check out this super cute couple. They are celebrating 8 years of marriage this year.

Their photo session was done last year at Vermillion Falls Park which is nestled in Hastings, MN. This beautiful park has a few unique features which is why I love going there. I didn’t realize until this photo shoot that they have an actual “falls” at this park. Hence the name Vermillion Falls.

There are 2 areas of this park that draw me to this park for photo shoots. The first one is the bridge with all the locks on it,

and the second one is the old ruins located on the other side of the park.

I will now have to add the falls as my third reason.

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